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NCAA® March Madness® continues…tonight with the Elite8!




Gonzaga vs. Xavier at 3pm on TBS

Kansas vs. Oregon at 5:30pm on TBS

and watch on

VolcanoVision subscribers will receive full coverage of this exciting event through April 3rd. Watch LIVE on your TV or download the NCAA March Madness Live app and log in using your WTVE account and never miss a game! 

Users can view content in an unauthenticated state for a cumulative three-hour window per device. After that time, users will be asked to authenticate with your VolcanoVision WTVE authentication.

World Backup Day Is March 31

Don't Be Labeled an April Fool!

There's only one way to prevent that - back up all your important files! Include your family photos, home videos, and financial documents - on World Backup Day, March 31st. What is a backup? It's simply a second copy of your files that's kept in a safe place other than on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. That place could be an external hard drive or an online storage service.

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Spring Is About To Sprout

It's Just Around The Corner

Spring is almost upon us and after a long wet winter we're sure most folks are eager to begin their spring cleaning. Remember the saying "Out With The Old, In With The New"?  Now is a good time to try upgrading your Internet speed so you can experience maximum performance with all devices being used in your home. Volcano Internet Provider can help you determine which speed would best suit you and your family's needs and we're always running specials. We're sure there's one for you! Call us today at 209-296-7502 to inquire about a better experience that awaits you!

Maximize Your Online Experience Today

Take It To The Limit...Increase Your Speed For FREE!

Are you getting the best possible streaming experience delivered to your PC or devices? We want to be sure you know which speed will best suit your needs. The number of internet connected devices you use can be a significant factor in determining speed usage.

The speed of internet service you've currently chosen for your home or business may be satisfactory, however, the more we know about what your needs are, the better we can serve you.

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New! From Stingray Music - Introducing Vibes

The Perfect Music For Every Activity, Mood, And Occasion




It’s your music, take it with you. Most VolcanoVision subscribers now have another value added benefit. In addition to the Stingray Music TV channel lineup that is included with your qualifying package, Stingray Music offers its new Mobile App and Web Player. You’ll need to have your Watch TV Everywhere username and password credentials, an iOS or Android Tablet or Smartphone (Mobile App), a PC or Mac with browser (Web Player), and a Wi-Fi connection. Click here for details.

V-Me Is Now PBS Kids Channel

KVIE Public Television Launches PBS KIDS Channel

PBS and KVIE Public Television has introduced a free 24-hour PBS KIDS channel. PBS KIDS is the top educational media brand for children ages two to eight years old and the new channel ensures that all children with access to a TV or handheld Internet device will be able to view quality shows around-the-clock, with programming that is educational, entertaining, and valuable.

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Our Most Important Words...

"We Can Help With That!"

With Volcano Internet Provider's In-Home Managed Wi-Fi, you'll get the support you need when you need it! Having trouble getting a proper connection with your wireless device? We'll help troubleshoot so you experience as little downtime as possible. Our highly trained Technicians are here to serve. Just give us a call at 209-296-7574 or 888-886-5226 and they'll be happy to assist you.

Don't forget we have many FREE Wi-Fi HotSpots located throughout Amador and Calaveras County waiting for you when you're away from home and need to connect! Being tied down to your desktop computer is a thing of the past when you sign up for Volcano Internet Provider's service. The first month is FREE!

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