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Programming Changes Ahead on VolcanoVision

During The Week Of September 25th...



•  The Cowboy Channel, formerly Family Net, will shift from the Limited Basic Pack into the Basic Pack. The Cowboy Channel is designed to bring the spirit of the American Cowboy to audiences through extensive coverage of all western sports, documentaries, events, comedy, music and entertainment.

•  The Olympic Channel: Home of Team USA, our newest channel, will be available in the Select Pack and higher and can be viewed on channels 206 SD and 514 HD. The Olympic Channel: Home of Team USA presents year-round coverage of Olympic sports from around the world, featuring U.S. athletes and teams. Programming includes live events from a broad portfolio of summer and winter Olympic sports, original series, documentaries and rich archival content. 

•  We will be discontinuing carriage of Chiller.


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Are you getting the best possible streaming experience delivered to your PC or devices? The speed of internet service you've currently chosen for your home or office may once have been satisfactory, but is it keeping up with your needs today? The more we know about what your needs are, the better we can serve you.

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Monthly Scoop From Our Internet Group

We were asked...

"Do you have any suggestions on how to get my internet browser to work more efficiently?"

And here is our answer...

Yes, there are some simple things which may improve your browsing experience. The specific steps will vary depending on which browser you use - do a Google search on your browser and version. Try some of these basics:

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Managing News Feed On Facebook

Take Charge Of Your News Feed


Are you a Facebook user? Tired of getting your news feed filled up with mega amounts of unwanted information? You can control the flow of unwanted and wanted information with simple settings within your Facebook page. Click here to find out how to rule out many of those unwanted notifications and enjoy a better Facebook experience.

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VolcanoVision...Delivering The Finest In TV Programming

Cable TV At Its Best!

Imagine that your television set stopped working. What's the first thing you'd miss? Your favorite drama series? Staying in touch with the news? Seeing your sports team in action? Maybe. But TV's importance in society goes deeper than that. 

VolcanoVision believes that television is still your number one source for information and entertainment. Television isn't just for watching movies or shows; it goes beyond that by triggering one's imagination, raises curiosity, encourages education and gathers millions of viewers around common interests.

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Volcano Internet Provider continues to bring a better wireless experience to more customers as we build an all-new Hotspot service.

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