Improve Your In Home Wi-Fi Experience

If your home is like many in our area, you have high-speed internet from Volcano Communications Group. Volcano brings the internet to your home, and from there a router sends a Wi-Fi signal that can connect wireless devices to the internet today and in the future. To make sure you receive the best Wi-Fi signal, you need a Wi-Fi network that will work well throughout your home. Managed Wi-Fi service from Volcano will set up and maintain your Wi-Fi network to maximize the performance of all your connected devices:

• It's convenient: we supply the equipment—you don’t have to purchase anything from a store.

• No hassle: we’ll do the work of making sure your wireless devices connect to your Wi-Fi network.

• More for you: optimize your internet connection to get maximum speed.


One Low Price - just $4.95/month


No purchase necessary - we provide the equipment

Safe and secure - we’ll setup password and encryption

Ongoing support - we’re here when you have questions or need help 

Volcano Managed Wi-Fi Frequently Asked Questions...

Q: I already have a router, why do I need another one from Volcano?

A: Your router’s technology could be outdated without you being aware of it. When shopping for a new router, it may be difficult to know what to purchase - many wireless routers available online and at retail stores may not have the capability of sending a strong enough Wi-Fi signal. You may pay for a higher speed internet connection, but your router may not be allowing that level of speed to all your connected devices.

Q: Why should I pay a monthly fee after I get a Volcano router installed?

A: Routers are electronic equipment and as such have the potential to stop working – or work with reduced efficiency. In addition, you may add more wireless devices over time – this can impact the performance of your wireless network. With Volcano’s Wi-Fi services, we will monitor your router to make sure it’s operating at peak efficiency. If necessary, we will replace the router free of charge and provide router software updates. Our technicians will help trouble shoot problems with you.

Q: What’s the difference between “Wi-Fi” and “internet”?

A: People often use the terms Wi-Fi and internet interchangeably. Wi-Fi and internet are two distinct services and knowing the difference is important:


Internet – your connection to the world

The internet is a wide area network (WAN) that connects computers from around the world. To access the internet, you must subscribe to service from an Internet Service Provider (ISP) such as Volcano Communications Group.

Other than turning it on or off, and choosing what provider and speed to pay for, your internet connection is beyond your control.


Wi-Fi – connecting devices to the internet

A Wi-Fi network is independent from the internet. The devices in the network connect wirelessly to a Wi-Fi router and together they form a wireless local area network (LAN). The Wi-Fi router is connected to the internet source via a broadband modem (in some cases the modem and Wi-Fi router are one piece of equipment). Devices connected to a Wi-Fi network can work together and share information. You control your Wi-Fi network, including where you place your router, the security restrictions you put on it including passcode, determining what devices can access it, and which devices can share information with other devices.



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