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Why Can't I Connect?

What do you do when the message on your computer screen reads “This webpage cannot be displayed”?  Here our internet techs share some ideas on what the problem might be and they'll run you through some checkpoints to determine where the problem is and what to do about it.

     The first thing to do is take a look at your modem. Then check the router to ensure it’s connected to the modem and powered up and then look at the computer to ensure it’s seeing the connection to that router.

  Begin with…


     Look to see if all of the lights are on that are supposed to be on. 

     If you have a modem provided by Volcano Internet, the following lights should be on:

Power                        Always on and solid

Ethernet                    When flickering, the modem is talking to your router/computer

DSL                            Always on and solid

Internet                     Flickers when the modem is talking to our servers and the internet

     If you have a combination modem/router from us:

Power                        Always on and solid

ETH1,2,3,4                On when a device is wired to one of the corresponding ports on the back of the unit

Wireless                    Flickers when the unit is talking to your wireless devices

A/VDSL                      If you have a DSL connection: always on and solid

                                  If you have cable or fixed wireless internet:  off

Internet                     Flickers when the unit is talking to our servers/internet

WPS                           Off (archaic, insecure connection type)

GbETH                       If you have DSL: off

                                  If you have cable or fixed wireless internet:  on and solid

If all the necessary lights are on, move on to the router.

If not:

1)   Check to see that it’s plugged into the electricity and turned on (in the case of no lights at all). If it's plugged into a power strip, check to ensure that the power strip is plugged in and powered up. If nothing connected to the power strip is turning on, bypass the power strip and plug something directly into the electrical outlet to determine if the power strip, as well as the electrical outlet, are working…or not.

2)   Check all three cords connected to the back of the modem to ensure they are all plugged in securely. We suggest to unplug them and plug them back in one by one and give the modem a couple of minutes to reboot.  And, any time you unplug the electrical cord from the back of the modem, leave it unplugged for a full 60 seconds before plugging it back in.

3)   If all the necessary lights do not come back on after checking all the cord connections and giving the modem a couple of minutes to reboot, call us at 209-296-7574 for additional troubleshooting.


     If you do not have a router provided by Volcano Internet, check to ensure that all lights are on which are supposed to be. Each router is different, so if you haven’t made note in the past of which lights are supposed to be on, you may need to refer to the manual or the box that came with it or contact the modem’s manufacturer for support. 

     Check all of the cords on the back of the unit to ensure they’re all connected securely and reboot it by unplugging the power (electric) cord from the back for 60 seconds and give it a couple of minutes to restart completely.

     We here at Volcano Internet can only support the internet connection as far as our equipment goes and there are just too many brands and models within each brand to keep up with them all.


     If you haven’t done so already, check the internet connection icon on the screen (wireless or wired) to ensure that the device is showing an internet connection. If not, the simplest way to clear any errors is to restart that device. If after restarting you're still not online, look further into the computer’s internet connection programming to ensure that it is set up correctly. This is primarily a computer issue that should be tackled by a computer repair tech if it’s something with which you have little or no familiarity. 

     We're here to help talk you through this type of issue. If it’s something we can’t help with, at least you haven’t spent any money.


     Do you have other devices (computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones) that also connect to the internet? If so, try one of them to see if you can get to a website. If you can, you can pretty much rule out the modem, router and internet connection in general. In this case, it’s most likely an issue with the individual device that is not connecting and you may need to contact your computer repair tech to take a look at things.