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Is Your Data Plan Working For You?

Most cellular data plans aren't nearly large enough to carry you through the whole month, especially if you're sharing the plan with others or you've subscribed to a smaller plan due to budget restrictions. This is where a reasonably priced home Wi-Fi connection can really come in handy.

It's simple to configure your phone so that it will use your Wi-Fi network while at home, and use your cellular data plan when you're away. Many smartphone owners also enable their phones to update or refresh their background programs and apps only when on a Wi-Fi connection. This is a huge data saver! Lastly, Volcano internet service plans don't have a data cap, making your home Wi-Fi the best choice for uploading or downloading larger files, including pictures, videos, and music. Having a router provided by Volcano Internet entitles you to In-Home Managed Wi-Fi support from our highly trained technicians.