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Exciting News For West Point!


Fiber To The Home Is Coming

Volcano Telephone Company (VTC) is proud to announce that we will be upgrading the delivery of internet, TV, and phone services to homes and businesses in many areas of West Point. This is to meet today and tomorrow’s demands for capacity, reliability, and increased performance, needed to bring advanced telecommunications services to our customers. This year VTC will be installing fiber to the home at the following locations:

•  Public Lane

•  Smith Road

•  Main Street

•  Matson Lane

•  Bouvard Street

•  Pine Street

•  Veterans Lane

Other locations include portions of:

•  Spink Road

•  Hwy 26

•  Winton Road

•  Bald Mountain Road

•  Smitty Lane

Our engineering and installation crews will be contacting these customers when their involvement is needed. In the meantime, customers will see our crews working to build the necessary infrastructure.

We anticipate installing fiber to approximately 115 locations in 2020 and another 80 locations in 2021. For specific inquiries, please contact the VTC Engineering Department at 209-296-1434.