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Great News For Our HBO Subscribers


Welcome To HBO Max - Where HBO Takes It To The Max!

Beginning July 31, 2020, the HBO Max app will replace the HBO Go app. HBO Go will no longer be available on most devices.

What is HBO Max?

HBO Max is a new streaming platform. You will have access to HBO Max through your current HBO subscription at no additional cost. HBO Max bundles all of HBO together with even more blockbuster movies and culture-defining series, plus new exclusive originals.

If you’ve enjoyed HBO GO with your current HBO subscription, it’s easy to access HBO Max. Just use your Volcano Vision or Volcano View credentials that you currently use to access HBO GO.


What does HBO Max include?

  •             •  All OF HBO - Groundbreaking HBO series and documentaries, award-winning specials,
                    and new movies every week.
  •             •  ICONIC TV - Unlimited access to the most obsession-worthy series, plus the legendary TV
                    everyone still talks about.
  •             •  FAMILY FUN - Kid-friendly entertainment your whole family can enjoy, starring
                    everyone’s favorites in new and classic adventures.
  •             •  HIT MOVIES - The best of every movie on HBO, plus the comedies, dramas, and
                    classics you love to stream again and again.
  •             •  MAX ORIGINALS - New and exclusive series, movies, and surprises from
                    celebrated creators and stars – only on HBO Max.
  •             •  Approximately 10,000 hours of entertainment.


HBO Max will be available on many popular devices. In order to access the full HBO Max content offering, you will need to download the HBO Max app onto a smartphone, tablet or third-party streaming device such as a streaming media player or game console, Mac or PC browser, or login at to begin streaming. The following devices are currently supported by HBO Max. If a device is supported, you’ll find the HBO Max app in the app store.

           •  Android phones and tablets (with Android OS 5+)

           •  Android TV (OS 5+)

           •  Apple TV HD or Apple TV 4K

           •  Chromebooks

           •  Chromecast

           •  iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch (with iOS 12.2+)

           •  PC and Mac computers

           •  PlayStation 4

           •  Samsung TV (2016+)

           •  Xbox One


Other ways to stream on your TV

           •  Chromecast:  Cast HBO Max from your phone, tablet, or computer to your TV.

           •  Airplay:  Share HBO Max with your Apple TV (2nd or 3rd generation).

           •  HDMI cable:  Connect your computer, phone, or tablet to your TV.


Currently, HBO Max is not supported on Roku or Amazon Fire TV.

Here's How To Get Started On HBO Max:

   1.  Download the HBO Max app on any supported device - or - on your computer go
        to HBO Max Login.

   2.  Sign in using your Volcano Vision or Volcano View account credentials.

   3.  To sign in on your phone, tablet, or computer:

                a)  On the sign-in screen, choose 'Sign in through a TV or mobile provider.'

                b)  Select Volcano Vision, Inc. and use your Volcano Vision or Volcano View
                     account credentials.

                c)  Set up your profile, and start streaming.

    4.   To sign in on your TV (you'll need to have your phone or a computer handy):

                a)  Open HBO Max on your TV and choose Sign In (or try to play a show or movie). If
                     you're already signed in, choose the profile icon in the upper-left, then scroll to the
                     far right and choose Sign Out.

                  b)  You should see a 6-digit code. Stay on this screen while you grab your phone
                       or a computer.

                  c)  Open a web browser on your phone or a computer and type
                       in the address bar (this redirects to This should take
                       you to an Enter Code screen. Enter the code that appears on your TV, and then
                       choose Next.

                  d)  Choose Sign in Through TV or Mobile Provider.

HBO Max is a brand new streaming platform, but if you already subscribe to HBO through Volcano Vision or Volcano View, you already have access to HBO Max at no additional charge! For complete details visit to find out what HBO Max streaming offers and how to access it through the many various devices.