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Below are various instructional videos on how to use your app. Click on the arrow to begin viewing. 








1. How To Set Up Your System U6
2. Setting Up Your Mesh U6
3. How to Set Up Your Mesh (Wired)
4. Connecting Wired Devices to Your System
5. Setting up Basic Parental Controls
6. Setting Up Your Wi-Fi and App
7. An Introduction to the Main Dashboard on Your VolcanoBlast WiFi App
8. Getting to know People Places and Things
9. Setting up a Guest Network
10. Performing a Bandwidth Test Using the App
11. How to Set Up Alexa
12. View Network Usage with the App
13. How to Change Your Network Name and Password
14. Learn How to Enable and Disable Applications Using the App 
15. Learn how to Add Content Restrictions in Experience IQ (Enhanced Parental Control) 
16. Learn about the Settings Menu in the VolcanoBlast WiFi App
17. Learn About Connected Devices in your Network
18. Learn How to View Usage with Experience IQ (Enhanced Parental Control)
19. Learn About Alerts in Experience IQ (Enhanced Parental Control)
20. Learn how to set up Enhanced Parental Control Profiles
21. Learn how to set Screen Time Limits with Experience IQ (Enhanced Parental Control)
22. Learn More About Protect IQ (Network Security)
23. How to Set Up Your Mesh GigaSpire U4 
24. How to Set Up Your Mesh GigaSpire U4 (Wired)
25. How to Set Up My Priorities in Experience IQ (Enhanced Parental Control)
26. How to Set Up Your System U4