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Calling Feature Descriptions

Caller ID

The power of your telephone now belongs to you. Know who is calling before you pick up the phone. With Caller ID service and a Caller ID display unit, you can identify the caller before answering the call.

Call Waiting

This service lets you know someone else is calling when you are using the telephone. It also enables you to cancel Call Waiting for the duration of one call.

Call Forwarding

This service enables you to forward your incoming calls to any telephone you can dial direct without Operator Assistance in the United States and Canada.

Speed Calling (8 numbers)

This service allows you to call up to 8 frequently called numbers by dialing two digits.

Speed Calling (30 Numbers)

This service allows you to call up to 30 frequently called numbers by dialing three digits.


Three Way Calling

This service lets you add a third party to your existing conversation without Operator Assistance.

Call Return

Now you can redial the telephone number of the most recent incoming call. Dial *69.

Preferred Call Forwarding

Now you can pre-select up to six incoming telephone numbers that you want forwarded to another telephone number. Calls forwarded by this feature are subject to all applicable local and long distance charges. *63 activates.

Priority Ringing

This feature allows you to provide up to a maximum of six (6) pre-selected telephone numbers with a distinctive alerting signal or ring (or call waiting tone if you also have call waiting) when you receive a call from them. Use *61 to prepare your number list.

Repeat Dialing

Stop wasting time dialing busy numbers. Repeat Dialing will make repeated attempts to establish a call for a thirty (30) minute period, beginning with activating by dialing *66. Deactivate by dialing *86.

Special Call Acceptance

Looking for the ultimate in peace and quiet? Now you can pre-select up to a maximum of six (6) telephone numbers that you want to hear from and no one else. This will eliminate all other incoming calls. Callers whose numbers are not accepted will hear a utility recorded announcement. Use *64 to prepare your list.

Wake Up Call

Allows you to use your telephone as your alarm clock. Enter the time you want your phone to call and wake you.

Teen Service

This enables another telephone number to be assigned to a 1-party access line. The teen service number has a unique ringing pattern so the called party can determine the nature of the call.

Selective Call Rejection

Allows you to reject up to 6 pre-selected incoming calls from which you do not wish to receive calls. Use *60 to add numbers to your list.

Selective Toll Denial

Denies all 1+ and 0+ dialing unless a pre-set four digit pass code is entered.

If you have any questions regarding these services, call the Volcano Telephone business office at 209-296-7502.