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VolcanoVision HDTV

VolcanoVision offers over 75 channels of programming in high-definition television (HDTV) format. From your favorite local channels to premium movie channels, you can receive the highest quality resolution available. Bring out the all the capabilities of your HDTV with VolcanoVision's HDTV service.

If you have questions about high-definition television and what it might mean for you, please find additional information below. If you still have questions, don't hesitate to phone us at (209) 296-2288 or (209) 274-2660.



What is High-Definition TV ?

High-Definition TV is the highest quality of a television signal available. HDTV is transmitted as a digital signal, which has a much higher resolution than a standard TV. The picture is shown in a 16:9 aspect ratio; the same as a movie theater screen.

What kind of television do I need?

Any High-Definition television will work with the Volcano system in conjunction with our HD-capable set-top boxes. Volcano supports 1080i and 1080p format televisions.

What other equipment is required?

Once you have an HD-TV, all you need from Volcano is an HD set top box.

How do I upgrade to HDTV?

Upgrading to VolcanoVision HD service is an easy process. Just give us a call or stop by our Pine Grove or Ione offices and we will set up an installation appointment. However, you will need an HDTV to view VolcanoVision HD service in high definition.

For VolcanoVision contact information go to our Contact page.

What are all those numbers, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p about?

The numbers 720 and 1080 refer to the number of lines of vertical resolution. Normal analog TV's only have 480 lines of vertical resolution, so HDTV effectively doubles the quality of the picture. The letters "p" and "i" describes the type of scanning the TV uses to display the picture, with "p" standing for progressive and "i" meaning interlaced.


Progressive? Interlaced? What does this terminology mean?

The type of scanning refers to the way that the picture is "drawn" on the TV. Progressive scanning displays the image on the screen one line at a time, from top to bottom. This results in your full screen being updated every 1/60 of a second.

Interlaced scanning displays the screen image in much the same way as progressive scanning. Interlaced scanning draws every other line all the way down to the bottom, and then goes back to the top and fills in the rest to bottom. This effectively doubles the time it takes to produce the picture on the screen.

Generally, progressive scanning is superior, producing a more detailed image with less flicker.


Will I need any special cabling between the set-top box and the television?

Volcano supports both component (red, blue, green) video cabling and HDMI.

We will also hook up your set-top box to a stereo or home theater receiver (although an extra charge may apply) provided it is within 3 or 4 feet of the set-top box.

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