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Make Payment

There are three ways you can pay your Volcano Communications bill at the Ebill site.

  • After enrolling, you can make a one time payment with a saved payment account that you've set up in Ebill.

  • You can set up an automatic payment from your Ebill payment account.

  • You can make a one time payment without enrolling.

These choices allow you to decide the best way to pay your bill. We suggest that you do enroll so that you receive the benefits of Ebill, such as viewing and printing your bills, setting up automatic payments, and making easy and quick payments using payment accounts.

Create Payment Account
To make a payment using a saved payment account, you'll first need to create that account. Set up your credit card or bank account information, or both, as Payment Accounts.

E-bill Make Payment
Once your account is set up, you can easily make a payment using that account.

E-bill Autopay
If you'd like, you can have your bill automatically paid by turning on "Auto-Pay". To better control Auto-Pay, you can create rules that only allow payments to be made when the bill is under a certain amount.

One-Time Payment

If you do not wish to enroll, no worries...go ahead and make a One-Time Payment using your credit card or bank account.