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Reasons To Keep Your Landline

When traditional services go out due to power outages to your home or business, as long as the phone lines themselves are not down, your copper-wired phone will work when the lights are out, provided the instrument used does not require power itself. Keeping a standard, corded phone available can be a lifeline simply by hooking it up to a phone jack. For businesses, this may be the line that supports your fax machine.

• Safety - Your landline phone, at home or at work, is directly connected to the 911 telephone network. This allows emergency agencies to locate you even if you are unable to speak when you place the call. Depending on your location, plus the age and type of device, your mobile phone may not have the capability to help authorities find you in case of an emergency.

• Reliability - Even with advances in technology, mobile phones are known for inconsistent signal quality and unreliable coverage areas. Landline phone service offers the highest quality voice transmissions.

• Accessibility - Your landline phone is always there, available for anyone in your household to use. Mobile phones require a password and can be placed in any number of locations. For seniors and homes with young children, having a landline that’s easy to find and simple to use can reduce frustration and stress.  

• Privacy - Unlike mobile phones that use radio frequencies from which calls can be intercepted, you can be assured of privacy when calling from your landline phone.

Volcano Telephone Company strives to maintain exceptional telephone service to all its customers. We thank you for helping us keep the lines of communication open.

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