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New Volcano.net Email

New Volcano.net Email Features

Improved Webmail Interface
Mobile Webmail User Interface for Phones and Tablets
iPhone Integration
Available Pro Account with Outlook Sync, ActiveSync, and Cloud Storage
POP3/IMAP/SMTP Compatible
More Storage
Get help by visiting the New Volcano Email Help page

Improved Webmail Interface

The new Volcano.net webmail site has a clean modern look, which is easier to navigate. Email, Contacts, and Settings are easily available as tabs at the top of the page. Other features include Interactive drag and drop to move emails between folders, notifications, interface color options, and with the Pro Account get a Calendar and Online Storage access.

Mobile Webmail for Phones and Tablets

Volcano.net webmail now has a mobile user interface designed for phones and tablets.

iPhone Integration

Volcano.net email will now integrate directly with your iPhone to allow you to create a Volcano.net mail iOS profile.

Pro Account with Outlook Sync, ActiveSync, and Cloud Storage

Upgrade to the Pro Account, for a small monthly fee, and get a group of features that will let you synchronize your Volcano.net data with multiple devices. Here is what's included.

  • Outlook Sync - Synchronize your Outlook Calendar and Contacts between your PC and Volcano.net email

  • ActiveSync - Get your email, contacts, tasks, and calendar data from Volcano.net email to your mobile device.

  • Cloud Storage - A total of 2GB for email and storage of files


POP3/IMAP/SMTP Compatible

We have always supported POP3 and SMTP clients, but now with IMAP support you can easily access your Volcano.net email from multiple computers and locations. IMAP has advantages such as:

  • Email is stored on a remote server which means you can use the same mailbox on multiple devices

  • Faster retrieval of email - only email headers are downloaded until you explicitly select an individual email

  • Save local storage space - email is kept on Volcano.net servers

  • Option to store email locally - you can still use POP3 and download email to your computer for offline viewing

More Storage

We've increased the amount of email storage to 500MB.

Get help at the New Volcano.net Email Help page

If you are looking to see how to use the new webmail and its new features, please visit the Volcano.net Email Help page. You can also contact Volcano.net technical support at 209-296-7574.