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Introducing VolcanoBlast WiFi Essentials


Put The Power Of VolcanoBlast WiFi In Your Hands With Our New FREE Managed Wi-Fi App*










  • Now you get control over your managed Wi-Fi network and are able to view devices on your network in real-time from the convenience of an app on your mobile device.



With VolcanoBlast WiFi Essentials, the Features and Benefits of our new VolcanoBlast WiFi App will Include:


Guest Network

• This is a great way to offer your houseguests easy access to the internet while protecting your primary home network from security threats that could spread from other devices on your home network. All of your home devices are connected to one point and joined as a network. The guest network is a different network that provides access to the internet, but not to your home network.


Connected Device Information

• Displays all the devices that are connected to your Wi-Fi network (examples are: security cameras/thermostats/Roku streamingstick/Amazon fire TV stick/Smart TVs/smartphones/tablets).


Basic Parental Control User Profiles

• Gives you the ability to create profiles and assign devices for all members of your network having access to the internet. With the tap of a button, control family members’ individual devices with a basic on/off feature or pause access to the internet for all devices at the same time thereby managing their quiet time, family time, educational and fun time. This is a great feature, especially when it comes to bedtime or dinnertime.


Change Your Wi-Fi SSID (Service Set Identifier) and Password

• You can add or delete up to eight SSIDs without having to call us.


Traffic Monitoring

• You can see which devices are in use and determine which are utilizing excessive data.


Network Map

• Having a network map allows you to visualize your network and everything associated with it. Here you can verify that your router has an internet connection. If you have Volcano satellites (Wi-Fi extenders) on your network, they will be visible. The network map also allows you to change the name of your router.


To download the app from the stores, search for VolcanoBlast WiFi

Download the VolcanoBlast WiFi app today!


Click here for instructions on how to activate your new FREE managed Wi-Fi app!


Click here for VolcanoBlast WiFi app instructional videos.


Call our tech support group at 209.296.7574 during normal business hours for assistance.

*This FREE Wi-Fi app is available only to Volcano Internet Managed Wi-Fi subscribers with a GigaCenter or a GigaSpire U4 Wi-Fi router or our new enhanced GigaSpire U6 Wi-Fi router. The GigaCenter does not accommodate optional suites.