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Watch TV Everywhere (WTVE)

A Better Way To Watch TV On Your Schedule!

With WTVE you can take your TV subscription with you, or enhance your home experience, and gain access to thousands more full episodes of current showsnew and older movies, and live TV events on the channels you currently subscribe to.

To see which WTVE channels are available with your subscription, click here and refer to the WTVE column. Here are some highlights that make this feature an added benefit to your cable TV package.

   •  WTVE allows you to watch on-demand and live programs on your home TV and mobile devices.

   •  WTVE is a feature that is FREE and included with your package subscription.

   •  WTVE provides far more choices for movies, TV shows, and series than traditional Video-On-Demand.


How to get your included VolcanoVision WTVE authorization credentials


Click here for instructions on registering for your free account.


Using WTVE on your home TV

Accessing WTVE with your television requires an internet connection, reliable in-home Wi-Fi, and an internet streaming media player. Here are some of the most popular media players on the market today:

•  Amazon Fire TV see Departments/Fire TV

•  Apple TV

•  Google Chromecast

•  Roku

•  Many Smart TV’s from manufacturers with various levels of functionality


Watching on your mobile devices

Today, modern mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones are commonly used to view programming both inside and outside the home. All you have to do is download the appropriate app you are interested in from the App store. Here are some of the most popular supported operating systems on the market today:

                       •  Android          •  iOS          •  Mac OS X          •  Windows 7 or 10     


Recommended Internet Speed Packages for online video

Typical video streaming requires a 10 Mbps connection per TV device to enjoy a seamless viewing experience. Volcano recommends either a 10, 25, or 50 Mbps connection, depending on your overall internet demand.


Volcano Managed Wi-Fi

Today's media players, smart TV's and mobile devices typically use Wi-Fi to distribute the needed bandwidth throughout the home. Volcano offers a managed and supported Wi-Fi service to you for a reasonable monthly fee, and eliminates the need for you to provide your own Wi-Fi equipment.


Is There Any Other Way For Me To Watch On-Demand?

Yes, using our Digital Video Recorder (DVR), you can record future movies, shows, series, and events and watch them at your convenience. You do not need an internet connection to record on your DVR.