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How To Register For WatchTVEverywhere

Have your Volcano Communications Group bill handy. The account number needed to register on WatchTVEverywhere (WTVE) can be found in your bill on the page that says “Volcano Vision” or “Volcano View”. You will be asked to:

  •  Provide your 10-digit account number. This number will begin with "002" or  "209".
  •  Enter the last name exactly as it appears on your account.
  •  Provide an email address. This will be your user name. This can be any valid email address.
  •  Provide a password.
  •  Select a password reset question.
  •  Click on Register.
  •  Now, check the email address you just provided. You will find an email message with your WTVE activation link. Click on the link to complete the registration process.
  •  Registration is now complete.

Allow up to 4 hours after completing registration to begin using WTVE. Registered users upgrading their video subscription will receive the new content after 4 hours. If after 24 hours you are unable to receive your WTVE content, please call our technical support at (888) 986-5226 or (209) 296-7574. Once registered, you will be presented with a complete list of all the WTVE networks available in your video subscription. New networks will automatically be added as they become available.

Click here if you are ready to register  - OR - scroll down this page to view step-by-step instructions on how to register.

If you have any questions or need assistance in the registration process, please give us a call at 209-296-7574 or 888-886-5226.


Step 1

Complete your registration Form

Provide your 10-digit account number. This number will begin with "002" or "209". Please enter the account number without dashes.



Step 2


Create the Master Account

Step 3

Step 3

Registration Continued

Step 4

Activate the Account From your email

Clicking the link in the email will open your browser and take you to the confirmation page


Step 5

Click the Log In button and sign in with your email address and password

After successfully logging in, you will see the page below. Click the content provider of your choice and you are set to begin your viewing.