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California LifeLine


California LifeLine Telephone Service provides basic telephone service at reduced rates for qualified customers who certify their eligilbility by income or enrollment in certain public-assistance programs.*


California Lifeline Monthly Rates

Pine Grove, Volcano, Pioneer, and Kirkwood $6.40
Glencoe, West Point, Railroad Flat, Wilseyville $6.40

California LifeLine Other Rates

Installation of a primary access line $8.37
LifeLine Toll Blocking No Charge
Interstate Access Charge No Charge

For more information about California LifeLine, visit www.californialifeline.com

*Certification forms are mailed to you by California LifeLine, with details for eligibility. Please call our business office at 209-296-7502 for the eligibility requirements.

Native American residential customers who reside on federally recognized tribal lands may be eligible to receive additional federal Lifeline Support in order to reduce the price for basic local telephone service. Call the business office