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Carrier: Volcano Telephone Company, Inc., 20000 E. Hwy 88, Pine Grove, CA 95665

Contact: For Additional Information on these planned network changes, please contact:
Volcano Telephone Company, lnc.
Attention: John Lundgren – Vice President
20000 E. Hwy 88
Pine Grove, CA 95665
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Implementation Date:  On or after April 1, 2022.

 Planned Network Change{s) will occur at the following locations in the  VOLCCAXF wire center in California:

Volcano Telephone Company, in California, is providing notice that it is retiring metallic copper feeder facilities to a specific certain areas in portions of the Volcano/Pine Grove, Pioneer and West Point areas in the Volcano Wire Center, VOLCCAXF, 20000 E. Hwy. 88, Pine Grove, CA 95665. The areas are as follows:

In the Volcano/Pine Grove exchange, areas include Jackson Pines Drive, Irish Court, Ellinwood Way, Clinton Peak Court, Golden Oak Court, Portions of Clinton Road, Mierkey Road and Mierkey Court.

In the Pioneer exchange, areas will include Hinton Road, Portions of Hwy 88 in the town of Pioneer and to the east, Portions of Pioneer Creek Road, Portions of Buckhorn Ridge Road near Pioneer Creek Road, Deadwood Court, Buckhorn Court, Sunny Drive, Overlook Terrace, Cedar Heights Drive, North Juniper Court, Portions of Hwy 88 near Cedar Heights Drive, Portions of Buckhorn Ridge Road near Buckeye Road, Buckeye Road, Lucky Mine Lane, Mountain Misery Lane, Mason Court, Sugar Pine Court, Conifer Court, Sunset Court, Deer Court, Crystal Ridge Court, Portions of North Meadows Drive,  Ashland View Court, Curtis Court,  Meadowmont Drive, Circle View Drive, Jacqueline Drive, Portions of Antelope Drive,  Portions of Sky View Court, Canyon View Court, Stella Court, Winton Lane, Mount Crossman Court, South Mace Drive, Timber Court, North Mace Drive, Portions of Silver Drive, Portions of Barton Drive, Lake Drive, and Portions of Alpine Drive.

In the West Point exchange, the areas will include Portions of Hwy 26 near the town of West Point, Country Lane, Toloma Court, Main Street, China Spring Lane, Pine Street, Smith Lane, Matson Lane, Parsons Lane, Portions of Bald Mountain Road, Portions of Winton Road and Portions of Smitty Lane.

All of Volcano Telephone Company, lnc.'s (hereinafter referred to as "Volcano Telephone") copper retirement notices may be viewed on Volcano Telephone’s website at:

Description of the planned network change{s):

Volcano Telephone intends to retire the copper facilities at the locations listed above. Volcano Telephone has deployed or plans to deploy its fiber-to-the-premises network in these area(s) and intends to provide services over a fiber network infrastructure. Upgrading from copper to fiber facilities will provide benefit to Volcano Telephone's customers in terms of reliability, resiliency, and available bandwidth.

Description of reasonably foreseeable impact(s) of the planned change(s): After the retirement of the copper facilities, Volcano Telephone will (1) no longer offer services over copper facilities; and (2) cease maintaining the copper facilities. To help ensure orderly transition, Volcano Telephone may require customers and interconnecting entities to migrate services off of copper facilities well before the copper retirement implementation date.