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Volcano eBill

Go Paperless!
You will receive an email notification that your bill is ready to view online or for download. This will help save paper and save you the cost of a stamp.

Save Your Payment Information
Tired of entering your payment information every month? No more. You will be able to save your payment information to a Payment Account, and use your Payment Account each month to pay your bill. Our payment website is secure and PCI compliant.

Multiple Payment Methods
Along with saving your payment information, you can set up multiple Payment Accounts. For instance, you can save your credit card and bank account payment information to separate Payment Accounts, and then make payments from either one.

Mobile Option
Smartphone users can view and pay their bills using their mobile phone.

Automatic Payment Rules
Set up a rule to automatically pay your bill using which Payment Account you prefer. You can also set a threshold to allow only bills under that amount to be paid automatically.

Make One-Time Payments
Make a one-time payment, with or without enrolling in eBill.

View and Print Past Statements
For starters, we will upload statements from the last month. Additionally, after each billing cycle, that month's statement will be available to view and print, until there are 12 months of statements. Going forward, the previous 12 months statements will be available.

Mail or Online
You may have your printed statement sent by U.S. mail, or receive an email notification to view your bill online.


How Do I Get Started?

•  Click the "Volcano eBill" link located on our website homepage. 

•  Click the "Enroll Now" button, and with your printed bill in hand, enter your "Account Number" and the "Enrollment Token" on your bill (upper right hand corner).

•  You will be prompted for your contact information and to establish a password.

•  You can also find the web address for the eBill site at the top of each page of your bill, or type in your browser.

Still Have Questions?

No problem. Just give us a call at 209.296.7502, or drop by our office and we will answer any questions about eBill that you might have.