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         VolcanoBlast WiFi App Suites





Protect IQ (Network Security)


Do you have anti-virus protection on all your devices? Is it up to date? What about that doorbell camera or smartTV? The truth is all your devices are at risk of threats, intrusions, and attacks. Protect IQ keeps your personal information and devices safe. When you subscribe to VolcanoBlast WiFi +, we will include at no additional charge, the Protect IQ suite. 

• 24/7 Scanning

Always-on scanning because malicious software and network threats don't take days off.

• Automatic Blocking

Protect IQ automatically blocks and freezes attempts to access valuable information without your consent. You will receive a notification if content was blocked for some reason. This will show as a notification within the Protect IQ main menu item in your app. No action is needed when you receive an alert. These threats are automatically blocked from entering your home network. 

• Intrusion Prevention

Protect IQ creates a wall around your home network - stopping viruses from entering your digital life. Click here to learn more about Protect IQ.

The Protect IQ (Network Security) suite is just $3.00/month. A small price to pay for a great amount of security.



Experience IQ (Enhanced Parental Control) 

With Enhanced Parental Control - you ensure the online safety of your family - you set the boundaries. We help you keep them. 

Your rules, enforced. Set up Parental Controls and regulate the web with ease. Kids having trouble focusing, staying on task and keeping to a schedule? Eliminate distractions and manage screen time with the Enhanced Parental Control suite. Personalize Wi-Fi for everyone and every device on your home network. Protecting the family from inappropriate content with Enhanced Parental Control keeps you in control giving you "Peace of Mind".

• By tapping on the Filters tab you can select filters to remove access to categories of content on the internet. You can also set-up filters for specific applications or limit the amount of time that is allowed each day per application, websites that you want to allow or block. 


• The Notifications tab will show all notifications you have received about this profile.


• Within the Time Limits tab you can set offline hours for the day. For example, you can set offline hours for 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. each day if you do not want Internet access to the devices in this profile during nighttime hours.


• The Usage category shows daily, weekly, and monthly cumulative usage for devices within the profile.  


The Enhanced Parental Control suite is just $3.00/month. A small price to pay for a great amount of security.